Venture Beat Rock It Games Featured Article

Venture Beat Rock It Games Featured Article

Rock It Games wants to bring indie and retro games to players by partnering with independent developers and IP holders to explore development and publishing opportunities to successfully bring titles to market and maximize the value of a game’s lifecycle. The company is not pursuing mobile games at the moment. It is focused on PC and console titles.

With this elevated publishing experience for creatives in the gaming industry, the goal is to allow developers greater agency over the titles they create with a more holistic process from beginning to end of the development cycle, and through launch and beyond. This includes providing developers with input in more areas such as marketing, public relations, social media, and more.

Founder Michael Devine, CEO, has 35 years of veteran experience in the video game industry. He was previously running business development at Ziggurat interactive. He said his devotion to uplifting lesser-known and underappreciated gems in the gaming space has permeated nearly every career decision he has made, and his primary job is finding amazing people to work with to bring his vision to life.

Read Venture Beat feature article by Dean Takahashi here. Includes interview with Michael Devine, Rock it Games CEO.


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